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The “STOP” SMART METER PEOPLE are asking questions as they seek clarification relative to the so called “Smart Meter” controversy

HALT SMART METER PEOPLE are asking questions as they seek clarification relative to the so called “Smart Meter” controversy:

This query is pertinent to the question of cost overruns for the Worcester
pilot program *MA DPU 16-28 *and the question of whether the National Grid
Worcester pilot program should be extended *MA DPU 16-149. *

In reference to the Sustainability Hub which is a cornerstone of National
Grid’s smart meter pilot program in Worcester, it was recently reported in
the press that:
*”Since it opened in 2013, the hub has had more than 6,000 visitors.”*


Can MA ratepayers please receive the following clarifications::

1.The Hub opened in Oct. of 2013, therefore we are approaching the 3 year
mark in October 2016.

Roughly, would this indicate that the average may have been 2,000 visitors
per year?

2. How many hours for each year of the pilot program was the Sustainability
Hub opened?

3. The Hub was used for many purposes, from having road race participants
pick up numbers, to girl scout troops visit, to classes with students from
Clark University, and many visitors came in groups. How did National Grid
define a “Visitor?”

4. How many visitors to the Sustainability Hub were actually
a. pilot participants who are not employees of National Grid or vendors,
etc. *
b. general public seeking information about smart meters and the pilot but
not in the pilot?
c. other

*NGrid has its own employees in the pilot program:

5. Of the 6,000 total number of visitors reported, what was the percentage
whose visit was directly related to the pilot program?

6. Of the total number of hours the Sustainability Hub was open in the last
3 years, what was the percentage of hours that the Hub was used to directly
serve the pilot program with face to face interactions in the center with

7. When the staff of the Sustainability Hub was not directly interacting
face to face with customers, what were their job responsibilities? Did the
staff participate in surveys, social media, etc.? Is there a log of the
tasks that were accomplished during the hours of operation?

8. Were the Hub hours convenient for customers? Were pilot related special
event programs offered during the weekdays, or weeknights, or week-ends?
How were they promoted?

Thank you for your kind consideration of the question of $50,000 vs.
$800,000 being charged to the MA ratepayers.

Patricia Burke


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MORE so called SMART meter controversy:

Here is an article, today, by the Center for Public Integrity about Peter “Walberg”, who is actually Peter Valberg, who provided expert testimony before the Zoning Board regarding the safety of the antenna supporting the smart meter pilot in Worcester.

Lack of scrutiny of the Worcester pilot, which is at least $11M over budget, may result in the deployment of smart meters through-out Massachusetts.

After reading the article, I hope that you will consider calling on the Attorney General with your colleagues to investigate the pilot, the meter mandate, and safety claims by the industry made to the community.

Worcester is in a unique position to insure scrutiny, accuracy, integrity, and safety.


Thank you,
Patricia Burke

1. MA Bill S1222 is before the Joint Committee on Public Health;

An Act creating a special commission to study the health impacts of electromagnetic fields. Said Commission shall study all facets of health impacts of electromagnetic fields from all sources, including but not limited to the use of cellular devices, utility smart meters, Wi-Fi, and the use of Wi-Fi in public schools.

Link to Bill: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/189/Senate/S1222

Link to Committee: https://malegislature.gov/Committees/Joint/J16

Please contact the chair and ask that the bill be moved out of committee:


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WCCA TV News and Information Round UP: August 31, 2015

Producer of Halt Smart meters video writes the following:

Worcester’s leaders admirably rallied to address issues of racial tension.

However, in the case of RF exposure, the City has not responded to mounting evidence of harm to a portion of the community.

As National Grid now seeks to launch another 15,000 meter pilot in NY, and as the MA DPU continues to pursue the smart meter mandate, it is not too late for the City’s leadership to call for a moratorium, a public transparent review, and an investigation of the pilot, to insure that the City, National Grid, and community partners have not been engaged in policy-based evidence making.

Note the Turtleboy blog published this week:

The tone of the blog mirrors the tone of comments that have been posted in the T and G and other outlets. In response to data and information, the response of deny, defend, attack has prevailed.

Have Worcester’s elected officials and community partners fostered an atmosphere of marginalization, ridicule, and attack against individuals who are being adversely impacted by an inadequately regulated industry?

Is there any scientific evidence to prove safety, as National Grid has claimed, and has research indicating harm been suppressed and dismissed?

Here are two recent resources for your review:

There are numerous falsehoods fueling the smart meter story, in Worcester and beyond, including the opt out falsehood.

It would require a tremendous amount of courage and humility to admit that the smart meter pilot is lacking in a scientific base for safety claims, that it is not operating in integrity, and bears no relationship to future deployment.

It would also take a tremendous amount of integrity to speak out against this human experimentation without knowledge and consent.

We may not know for certain if RF exposure is causing harm unless we begin to ask the question. For the City not to monitor the pilot is to presume that complaints of harm are not valid.

Against the backdrop of the election, I hope at least some of the members of the City’s elected government will rise to the occasion. Its not too late to align with an informed ethical stance that will have far-reaching influence.

Thank you,
Patricia Burke

This is definitely a golden opportunity for change; persons with the functional impairment electro-hypersensitivity and their relatives have suffered enough!
Inaccessibility and discrimination are prohibited by law. Thus, it is not alright to deliberately make EHS persons’ symptoms worse. – Olle Johannson