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Happy Valentine’s Day !

Happy St. Valentine’s Day everyone. As with the Worcester Public Schools, WCCA TV 13 had cancelled today’s in-studio community production activities and all after school youth media workshops, as well as, our community computer lab. We know you need more time to watch the now over 3,700 Worcester produced WCCA TV videos on demand at http://www.wccatv.com/ so keep watching. Enjoy Monday’s President’s Day holiday. Basic TV studio Workshop is scheduled for tommorrow ( Saturday Feb. 15th). All other WCCA TV TV/media/journalism classes, intern activities, will all resume on Tuesday, February 18. Have a great weekend.

12/17/13 Community Activities will be closing at 2 PM today Due to storm.

Be Safe Worcester members and friends. Due to the impending severe snow storm, all community productions and activities at WCCA TV will be closing at 2 PM today. This includes DVD drop offs , After School Youth Media Workshops, Member and staff produced / facilitated studio shooting, Community Computer Lab, Editing suites and Internship projects. Here we all sing “…Walking in a winter wonderland . . . .” Enjoy and go EASY !23333_10151696751389937_1547964162_n

Feb. 29 Programming on WCCA TV 13

Snow is on its way so why not stay indoors and tune into WCCA TV 13 tonight, Wed., Feb. 29, for Close to Home with host Maureen Schwab at 9pm followed by Flipside with Lynn Simonds at 9:30pm and SeniorSpeak, taped at the Worcester Senior Center, at 10pm. Stay warm, safe and well.