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The “STOP” SMART METER PEOPLE are asking questions as they seek clarification relative to the so called “Smart Meter” controversy

HALT SMART METER PEOPLE are asking questions as they seek clarification relative to the so called “Smart Meter” controversy:

This query is pertinent to the question of cost overruns for the Worcester
pilot program *MA DPU 16-28 *and the question of whether the National Grid
Worcester pilot program should be extended *MA DPU 16-149. *

In reference to the Sustainability Hub which is a cornerstone of National
Grid’s smart meter pilot program in Worcester, it was recently reported in
the press that:
*”Since it opened in 2013, the hub has had more than 6,000 visitors.”*


Can MA ratepayers please receive the following clarifications::

1.The Hub opened in Oct. of 2013, therefore we are approaching the 3 year
mark in October 2016.

Roughly, would this indicate that the average may have been 2,000 visitors
per year?

2. How many hours for each year of the pilot program was the Sustainability
Hub opened?

3. The Hub was used for many purposes, from having road race participants
pick up numbers, to girl scout troops visit, to classes with students from
Clark University, and many visitors came in groups. How did National Grid
define a “Visitor?”

4. How many visitors to the Sustainability Hub were actually
a. pilot participants who are not employees of National Grid or vendors,
etc. *
b. general public seeking information about smart meters and the pilot but
not in the pilot?
c. other

*NGrid has its own employees in the pilot program:

5. Of the 6,000 total number of visitors reported, what was the percentage
whose visit was directly related to the pilot program?

6. Of the total number of hours the Sustainability Hub was open in the last
3 years, what was the percentage of hours that the Hub was used to directly
serve the pilot program with face to face interactions in the center with

7. When the staff of the Sustainability Hub was not directly interacting
face to face with customers, what were their job responsibilities? Did the
staff participate in surveys, social media, etc.? Is there a log of the
tasks that were accomplished during the hours of operation?

8. Were the Hub hours convenient for customers? Were pilot related special
event programs offered during the weekdays, or weeknights, or week-ends?
How were they promoted?

Thank you for your kind consideration of the question of $50,000 vs.
$800,000 being charged to the MA ratepayers.

Patricia Burke