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This Month at WCCA TV, The People’s Channel

Hello friends, hope you are staying safe and enjoying your summer! So far WCCA TV has produced and aired more than 80 episodes of our live “Daily Breaking” show. The show began in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and was originally intended to provide useful information as to where people could find much needed services when so many places were forced to close. The show has evolved to better suit our community’s needs and has featured an array of guests from many sectors, including school teachers, students, counselors, restaurant owners, religious leaders, directors of dozens of social service organizations, and more. “Daily Breaking” has been a valuable community collaborative and public service of WCCA TV that not only expresses the community’s response to the pandemic, but also empowers our community through honest and unfiltered dialogue as it addresses important issues of the day, such as Racism and other social justice matters. The show airs live at noon Mondays through Thursdays on Worcester Cable Channel 194, and streams live at the same time on www.wccatv.com and on the station’s Facebook page: facebook.com/wccatv. Shows are re-aired at various times during the week and a directory can be found on our website. To be a guest on the show, contact Michael Coogan at michael@wccatv.com. Thanks for watching and participating!!

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WCCA TV’s ‘Daily Breaking’ Special Presentations

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Barbara Fields, President & CEO of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation. Barbara talks about the Worcester Together Fund, which recently surpassed $10 million in donations.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Juan Gomez, President and CEO of CENTRO. Juan will discuss how COVID-19 required adjustments in their mission to assist individuals and families seeking to achieve self-sufficiency and build purposeful lives.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Tracy Kraus, Executive Director of Worcester Chamber Music Society. Tracy will talk about COVID impacts and the group’s plans for Season 15 concerts.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Rod Lee, Editor & Publisher of The Rambler. Rod talks about ”Goodbye, Columbus” and other hard-hitting content in the recent issue of The Rambler.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Kasia Wennerberg, a local attorney who is running for the Worcester Register of Probate. Kasia will explain how the Department of Probate and Family Court works and the duties of the Register of Probate.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Cece Doucette, Director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology. Cece will address what the science says about the risks involved with 5G technology, ‘smart’ meters, and safe technology solutions. In Part 2 of this interview, Cece talks about current actions toward safe technology, present legislation in Massachusetts, and lawsuits against the Federal Communications Commission.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Melissa Prescott, Owner & President of Paradise Pet Spa. Melissa will inform us about how COVID-19 has changed the operations of pet grooming.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Monique Messier, Executive Director of Discover Central Massachusetts. Monique talks about promoting tourism through unprecedented times and showcasing all Central Mass has to offer. She also explains what family-friendly activities are available while complying with social-distancing guidelines. DCM is focusing on the hyper-local market and supporting small businesses through the We-Love-Worcester campaign.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Hank von Hellion and Stephanie Burgos from the Guardians of Traditions. They discuss their work to build a network event with other cultural organizations in Worcester. They also talk about their organization GOT, cultural history, Dominican carnival, public art, and future projects.

This edition of ‘Daily Breaking’ features Theresa Freeman, Director of Communications with the American Cancer Society in Massachusetts, who talks about what’s new with this year’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk and their shift to all-online fundraising this year.

WCCA TV Program Notes

  • The Mayor’s Forum resumes its production at WCCA TV. Mayor Joe Petty welcomes to the show Edgar Luna, Business Development Manager for the City of Worcester & Worcester Census 2020 Campaign Coordinator. He talks about Census 2020 and the importance of completing it. In another episode, the Mayor chats with Andrew Andrianopoulos and Randy Becker from the Holden Towers Worcester Tennis Club.
  • Activate Worcester hosted by Ron Motta, is a WCCA TV program that shows viewers how to participate and become active in Worcester. In this episode, Ron talks with Kathy Roy about the Republican party’s past, present, and future.
  • Tune in to a new episode of Rosen’s Round Table. Host of the show & City Councilor Gary Rosen and his panel members will talk about Sidewalk Dining in Worcester. In another episode, the topic of discussion is Should the Worcester Police Department Issue Body-cams to their Officers. Exclusively on WCCA TV 194 in Worcester!
  • Health Matters is a program from the Worcester District Medical Society. Host Michelle Shabo welcomes to the show Ezequiel De Leon, RN, and Katherine Sadaniantz. The topic of discussion is Improving Inpatient Sleep Quality at UMMHC Campus.
  • Time for a coffee break and a new episode of Coffee with Konnie. Host of the show and former City Councilor, Konnie Lukes, has coffee with Father Mark Doku and Vasku Progri from the St. Mary’s Albanian Orthodox Church in Worcester.
  • Perspectives is a WCCA TV program hosted by Asima Silva, that features local and national guests sharing their perspectives on politics, current events, religion, and more. Asima welcomes to the show Dr. Bill Slaughter from the Gaza Mental Health Foundation.
  • What It’s Worth is a WCCA TV show definitely worth watching. Host Tommy Colletta welcomes to the show Blues enthusiast David Abare, who explains to Tommy what the Blues is all about.
  • Human Touch hosted by Augustine Kanjia, is a WCCA TV program that spotlights refugees and helps viewers learn about their struggles and triumphs, in order to bring about understanding and change. In this episode, Augustine talks about COVID-19 impacts on Africans and African Americans. In another episode, Augustine talks about the politics of Africa.
  • Healthy Living is a WCCA TV show that features interviews with medical doctors and allied health individuals regarding important health-related issues. Host of the program, doctor Donald Pelto, chats with Dr. Jeremy Golding. Be well and live healthy!
  • Connecting the Dots is a non-traditional legal program with the emphasis on the attorney as a trusted advisor, with an interdisciplinary approach to solving life’s issues. Host of the program, Attorney Liz Myska, welcomes to the show Television Journalist Garry Armstrong.
  • BandEdge is a WCCA-TV produced local music show that is shot live and spotlights Worcester area bands, singers/songwriters, and instrumentalists. My Silent Bravery is the featured band on this episode of BandEdge.
  • WCCA TV’s independent, eclectic music-video show, Video Jam, with host Tracy Foley, will feature new music from Toni Braxton, Awgust, Alan Williams, Kailey Nicole, Mustafa, lotusbliss, CPT KIRK and the Devil Horns, and Katy Perry. Tune in on Fridays at 9 PM and Saturdays at 7 PM to WCCA TV, Channel 194 in Worcester MA. The show streams live at the same time worldwide at www.wccatv.com, where you can also download past shows. Keep on jammin’!!
  • Tune in to a new episode of WCCA TV’s Senior Speak. Host of the program, Edith Morgan, will talk about how seniors are coping with the stress of the pandemic, local happenings, and more. Senior Speak airs on WCCA TV, Cable Channel 194 in Worcester, on Tuesdays at 12:30 PM and Wednesdays at 12 PM.


Worcester Community Cable Access is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation administering public access cable television for Worcester, Massachusetts. Our mission is:

  • To advance democratic ideals by ensuring the people have access to electronic media
  • To provide a platform for first amendment rights and for artistic and cultural expression
  • To promote co-operative relations with those who serve the public interest
  • To promote communication through community use of media

WCCA TV, Channeling Worcester Community Since 1986!

THIS WEEKS PICKS ON WCCA TV see our listing in the T&G


Mon Nov. 12 at 10pm

“Bandedge” recorded at the WCCA TV studio in Worcester, features local organist, Scott Olson.

Tue Nov. 13 at 7pm

“Connecting the Dots” hosted by attorney, Liz Myska, is a non-traditional legal program with the emphasis on the attorney as a trusted advisor.

Wed Nov. 14 8:30pm

“Soapbox”, hosted by Mauro DePasquale, will feature Richard Gonzalez of Net Compassion, a faith based collaborative effort of volunteer groups bringing vital support services to people in need in our city.

Thur Nov. 15 10:30pm

“Got It Covered” hosted by Victor Infante features Sean Ryder as he performs My Best Friend by Air Supply.

Sat, Nov. 17 8:30pm

What It’s Worth hosted by Tommy Collettta will feature Emily Rosenbaum, the Executive Director of the Worcester JCC to discuss the JCC gym.

Sun., Nov. 18 10:00pm

“Coffee with Konnie” features local politician , Konnnie Lukes, as she interviews various citizens of Worcester in local area coffee shops

On WCCA TV Worcester cable channel 194 and at wccatv.com

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WCCA TV mission is to EMPOWER Y O U ! More than SOCIAL MEDIA or having someone video tape you.

WCCA TV mission is to EMPOWER Y O U through charitable Community Media !

While there are new and inexpensive ways to produce video, Public Access television facilities still allow people to produce video in a higher quality and shown to a very broad local audience or a targeted audience.

While you can put a video out on YouTube, the chances of it being seen by significant numbers of people is still very small. Commercial platforms ( social media or otherwise ) place their own profit before your interest, they can be intrusive and they are not truly free speech. They often express rights to censor, delete and or terminate post or video. to suit their own bottom line.

WCCA TV provides access it is commercial free, and it is truly PARTICIPATORY MEDIA at it’s highest. All ages, and people of all backgrounds, are welcomed and encouraged to join in the creative fun of building community through electronic media. There are still some financial obstacles to producing video. Although the technology to produce a decent quality video has increase significantly over the years, there are still many people that simply do not have access to the cameras to shoot the video, or to the computers to edit the video, or to the internet to upload the content.

Many Public Access media or television facilities, such as WCCA TV, also provide technology training and media literacy programs to help new producers make quality video productions and to discern most effective messaging. Sometimes these productions are later shown on other channels, such as PBS, or picked up on other platforms supplemental to Public access presentations. This renders a higher benefit to our participants that may not be available to others. Numerous public access volunteer producers and interns often go on to careers in video production, become media specialist, or simply enjoy the creativity of physically networking in a creative collaborative space with other like minded creators. Also WCCA TV curates community media productions as the video art of our time, as historical and cultural artifacts. WCCA is non-commercial (a charitable 501(c)(3))and dedicated to a mission that is inclusive, participatory, free speech ( free from political whim, or corporate retribution ), and to empower the Citizens of our City and beyond.


WCCA TV is THE place to LEARN, CREATE, and CONNECT like NO other.
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February 13, 2014 Due to severe winter storm WCCA TV announces all TV classes, and intern and volunteer activities will be canceled.

February 13, 2014 Due to severe winter storm WCCA TV announces all TV classes, and intern and volunteer activities will be canceled.
Be safe. Avoid road travel to allow crews to safely do their jobs.
Relax at home home and catch up on all your favorite WCCA TV 13 shows streaming live on cable and on line or on demand here at wccatv.com.

Cancellations and closing today January 3rd due to severe snow storm

ALL WCCA TV volunteer/community in-studio and post productions, after school youth productions, classes, workshops and computer labs will be closed today Jan 3rd, due to the severe snow storm. We will reopen on Monday. Be safe. Don’t forget while you are home, now is the time to catch up on all your favorite WCCA TV programs on channel 13 and also streaming or on-demand at http://www.wccatv.com/

Learning about community media, social services, local restaurants, Single Payer Health Care, and more. It’s all happening at WCCA TV 13

Students and teachers, Amy Plante and Kathy Oulette, from The Grow School in Dudley Massachusetts, recently toured WCCA TV 13 in Worcester to learn about public access television and how they can get involved by becoming interns, technical directors, editors and even hosts of their very own show. The tour was led by Executive Director, Mauro DePasquale . If your youth group or school would like a tour of WCCA TV, located conveniently at 415 Main Street in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, contact 508-755-1880 x 10.

What’s on WCCA TV 13? Plenty of great local programming.
Join host, Mauro DePasquale, and his guests as they discuss such topics as Single Payer Health Care, local writers, Worcester Local First, the YMCA, Jeremiah’s Inn , and Livia’s Restaurant, to name a few. Soapbox can be seen on WCCA TV 13 on Saturdays at 10:30pm and Sundays at 6:30pm and online at wccatv.com. To be a guest on Soapbox, contact 508-755-1880 x 10.

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WCCA TV 13, Worcester’s Community Anchor Instiution for MEDIA DEMOCRACY and CREATIVE INNOVATION. What was true then holds true today

What was true then is still true today
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