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Senators Push Back on FCC revision in JUST favor of consumers, municipalities, and PUBLIC ACCESS MEDIA CENTERS


“One of the primary outcomes of state regulation in Illinois has been incumbent cable ops abandoning local franchise negotiations to opt into the state deal. It definitely hasn’t increased competition and in significant ways has lowered the bar on public benefits.” Barbara Popovic CAN TV Chicargo

“If the proposed rule is implemented, all cable systems will be assumed to have ‘effective competition’ for their services in local markets. If all cable systems are deemed to have competition, then local franchising authorities would no longer have the power to set basic cable rates in their municipalities or require that a cable system provide public access, educational or governmental access channels as a public service.”
Bryan Harley
Facilities/Operations Manager,CMAC
1555 Van Ness
Fresno, CA 93721

[This push-back is good , ]”This would do what state franchises have done in many states and allow cable companies to circumvent local efforts to make basic cable affordable to low-income families and seniors. In places with State franchises, basic cable rates have doubled and tripled as a result of this deregulation.”
Michael Eisenmenger, Executive Director
Community Media Center of Marin
415.721.0636 x16 | michael@cmcm.tv

“I appreciate everyone’s input, comments, and petitions, let’s hope together we will avoided further unnecessary and harmful cable reforms for the Consumers, Public Access, and our Municipalities.” Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA TV, Worcester, MA