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Using WCCA TV 13 public access television ‘s cable and or web channels may be threatened through this Act if it succeeds.

There has got to be a better way to protect copy written material, while at the same time, allow for freedom of expression, and a way to share news, information, art, music and culture.

help stop sopa

There is a group organizing to meet with congressman McGovern on Friday January 14th at 4 PM to discuss this Stop On-line Privacy Act which seems to favor Hollywood, Phone, Internet and Cable providers rather than individual artist, non-profits, community and non-profit social media entities.

It seems to us that the USA needs stronger regulations to detail realistic methods to protect creative works/property while allowing ways to empower individuals with tools to share their creative products or conduct educational discourse about such works, without becoming forced to become indebted to restricted service fees and those providers who have monopolized the digital highways. The act appears excessive and unbalanced. Creators should be able to profit, share their works as they see fit and they only should be empowered to decide whether or not they want themselves or their created works to be forced to be restricted and or subservient to Hollywood licensing, Phone, Internet and Cable Providers, Broadcasters, ITunes, Facebook, Google, etc. Let’s face it, some might argue that some of the social media sites may not like the act because if you can use certain audio, images or video, etc, they would not be able to profit as much from user generated content. But taking a deeper look at it, the way the act itself is written, it can be argued that it is way over zealous and unbalanced favoring corporate interest over the individual creators and users.

Contact your congressman today and let her/him know SOPA in it’s current form is a bad idea.