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WCCA TV studio, community production and classes cancelled today due to inclement snow conditions

Cancellation Notice

Due to snowstorm related poor conditions today, Wednesday, January 17, and in unison with WPS, WCCA TV WILL BE CLOSED ON Wednesday. All intern workshops, community studio productions, and activities will be cancelled.

Thank you and be safe.

Watch all your favorite WCCA TV shows ibn cable ch. 194 or her, on line, at wccatv13.com

WCCA TV News and Information Round Up: August 17, 2015


WCCA TV is a regional leader serving Worcester’s community media public access needs and an anchor institution that stands for Media Democracy, Media Literacy and Creative Innovation. Learn Create and Connect at WCCA TV
For more information browse this website, watch our programming on cable channel 194 or here ( at wccatv.com) , streaming live or “On-Demand”, and or contact Mauro DePasquale our Executive Director. We offer community volunteer memberships, special sponsor membership plans for businesses, Workshops and training for ALL ages, and whole lot more. Get involved, create, network, share your story, opinions, and fresh ideas on “THE PEOPLE’s CHANNEL” WCCA TV

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WORCESTER YOUTH PRODUCE a program giving voice to youth and Worcester’s recent surge of violence and shootings

WCCA TV partners with the United Way and Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Program members to produce a short video work with a focus on local violence and easy access to guns in Worcester. Youth share their ideas. Students came for a tour of WCCA and in minutes they transformed their visitin into a creative video making experience with the help of WCCA’s executive director Mauro DePasquale, and WCCA’s youth media specialist Adam Rice. and the completed work has been posted on the WCCA website at

This remarkable feat offers a point of view that has rarely presented in media anywhere. Participants from the Youth Leadership Program of the United Way/Chamber of Commerce visited WCCA TV in the summer of 2015 and got to learn basic TV production as they also created and co-produced WCCA TV station channel ID’s which will also be aired on WCCA cable channel 194 and on the internet at wccatv.com.

LEARN CREATE and CONNECT at WCCA TV “The People’s Channel”, Worcester, MA

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UPDATE: With high temperatures predicted to hit the 90s for much of this week, City Manager Edward Augustus and Assistant Commissioner of Parks Rob Antonelli have decided to keep the Crompton Park Pool open an additional five days. The Pool will now close for the season Friday, Aug. 21. The pool hours are unchanged – noon until 7 p.m. The spray parks at Greenwood and East parks will remain open through Labor Day.
John F. Hill
Communications Specialist
City of Worcester

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City of Worcester Community Dialogues on Race: Media and Online Social Networks

I attended this program on Monday Night (6/22). The goals of the organizers of this particular forum were to create 1. A list of ways racism is perpetuated or dismantled through media, 2. A list of ways media outlets can improve their reporting based on race, and 3. A list of ways readers of online media and participants of online social media networks can dismantle racism.
The organizers had about 140 people break out in groups to ponder and brainstorm on the above 3 goals.

None of the documents I received that were handed out establish a definition for media nor did any of the facilitators that I heard, during the welcome portion or through the group facilitator express, at least in brief, an initial definition given for “MEDIA”(M) or “ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKS” (OSN) or the various levels Media and OSN’s can be perceived. My group however seemed to have a good handle on that.

I observed, from both the group conversations and the end of session report, which summarize each of the 15 groups findings, the following: The 3 goals really were perceived as one of the same, there were a lot of overlapping answers and suggestions; People understand the mainstream media is often biased, it feeds on spectacle including the spectacle of gossip, violence, and hatred that is often spewed on OSN comments and news clips; Commercial and mainstream Media is driven by audience numbers and profit and therefor the lowest common denominator wins ( If it bleeds,it leads); Media often represents the agenda of the handful of corporations that own it nationally or globally; Reporting is generally weak, lacks true unbiased investigation for the most part (commentary is not news, it’s opinion), and while leaning toward spectacle ( ad clicks and for ad sales)it also seems to serve as a propaganda machine for government or corporate interest; Media often focuses on national news feeds and most of the information is repeated in loops covering remote happenings. It was acknowledged in my group that the constant repeated play of a story tends to magnify violence and racism through strategic use of imagery and language (again to draw an audience), which in turn is infectious and generates more of the same and misunderstanding or worse, hatred and resentment; Media often leaves out the good news or fails to probe into the non-violent solutions or sides of the story; Readers of OSN’s need to learn to better discern, counter, and understand that there are pros’ and cons’ to anonymity ( for instance some fear political or corporate retribution, or being marginalized and others, on the con side, use it as a cloak to spread hate), and that while some choose to be be silent, not everyone is an enemy. The on line readers have to stop feeding the negativity by adding instead positive perspectives to counter others who push the negative and hate; There is a lack of real media literacy and this means an understanding and skill set of how to write, create digital media, and critically analyze what is written, in order to discern the message and it’s agenda or posturing; (sadly) uninformed or media illiterate are more prone to surrender their freedom of speech to “higher” authorities, rather than empower themselves with tools that are currently available such as community public access outlets,( Like WCCA TV or WCUW, or to write their own blogs on-line , or create their own broadside or news letters, for instance).

One piece that I thought was curiously missing, at least through my group or in the final session’s end report, was no one spoke about how racism and hate thrive on fear and isolation. Although this was subtly touched upon by pointing out that most coverage focuses upon national news rather than local issues. Avoiding the local perspectives and news creates a type of isolation from what is happening in our own back yard. The lack local connections removes the connection and discourages the immediacy of underlying issue (race or hate crime). Another point I found missing was the acknowledgment that there is also BIG money in keeping people in fear and through managing and or addressing hatred and violence. Keeping voices silent and isolated helps sustain a culture of death, racism and violence. The money making is not rendered only on the media and OSNs level, it’s raked in through the court systems, jails, Local, State and Federal government, even levels of social workers and healthcare, and other spin off enterprises. I sincerely hope that point is not going to be lost at the end of these sessions for the sake of sincerity of this entire dialogue process. I look forward to the end reports and hope to see tangible solutions that can be applied to end racism and all forms of hate and violence.

It is clearly apparent to me, through my observations, that programs such as public access WCCA TV and others like it need to be encouraged, better supported, and expanded as means to build bridges of peace, end racism, empower the voices of the people, and to build community. More importantly facilities such as WCCA need to be utilized much more. AT WCCA TV the people of our community ARE THE MEDIA. That translates to power to the people !

WCCA TV, non-profit public access media, is an institution for Media Democracy, Media Literacy and Creative Innovation since 1986



“I Have a Dream: A Community Reading ”

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Kings Speech a cast made up of NAACP and Community members read the beautiful and moving words express by Dr. King.
The program took place behind Worcester’s City Hall on August 28th, 2013 and it includes some very interesting interviews as well.

“I HAVE A DREAM: A COMMUNITY READING” airs Thursday, Sept 5, at 10pm and Saturday, Sept 7 at 10am on WCCA TV cable channel 13 and also web-simulcast at WCCATV(dot)Com




WCCA TV 13 Voter Education Project: City Council Candidate Profiles now on line for your viewing pleasure only on TV 13

1.City Council Candidate Profile 2013 part 1 has been posted on the WCCA website at
Council Profile 2013 part 1

A WCCA TV13 special presentation. The WCCA TV 13 “Candidate Profile: 2013 City Council” hosted by Mauro DePasquale. Part One with candidates for 2013 Worcester City Council election: Sarai Rivera, Bill Eddy, Jennithan Cortes, Michael Gaffney, Bill Coleman, Konnie Lukes, William Feegbeh

and . .

2.. City Council Candidate Profile 2013 part 2 has been posted on the WCCA website
City Council Profile part 2

A WCCA TV13 special presentation. The WCCA TV 13 “Candidate Profile: 2013 City Council” hosted by Mauro DePasquale. Part Two with candidates for 2013 Worcester City Council election: Tony Economou, Morris Bergman, Phil Palmieri, Peter Kush, Gary Rosen, Mesfin Beshir

WCCA TV 13 to cable/webcast “Candidate Profile: City Council”

soapbox3a-1WCCA TV 13 to cable/webcast “Candidate Profile: City Council”

WCCA TV 13 presents “ Candidate Profile 2013:City Council “ as a part of the station’s continuing Voter Education Programming. This series is hosted by the station’s Executive Director, Mauro DePasquale.

Presented in three parts the program will feature interviews with participating Candidates for Worcester’s City Council.

Part One with candidates:
Sarai Rivera, Bill Eddy, Jennithan Cortes, Michael Gaffney, Bill Coleman, Konnie Lukes, and William Feegbeh , will air on Friday, August 2 & 16 at 9:30pm and stream live on line at wccatv.com

Part Two with candidates:
Tony Economou, Morris Bergman, Phil Palmieri, Peter Kush, Gary Rosen, and Mesfin Beshir
will air on Fridays, August 9 & 23 and stream live on line at wccatv.com

Part Three with candidate Chris Rich will air on August 2 and 16 and stream live on line at wccatv.com

These episodes can be seen on WCCA TV cable channel 13 on Worcester’s cable system, and also simulcasts on WCCA’s website and also on demand at Here

WCCA TV is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Community Public Access Institution for media democracy and creative innovation.

For further information contact: Mauro DePasquale, WCCA TV 508-755-1880 or mauro@wccatv.com

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Cooking Adventures with Mary is back on WCCA TV 13!

More Creative Innovation at TV 13.

Mary with her production assistant and husband Bill.

We are happy to announce that “Cooking Adventures with Mary” is back on WCCA TV 13!
What began as a family tradition for Mary Pauplis turned into a lifetime passion that has earned the Hudson, Massachusetts resident regional awards and multiple cookbook deals. She even has her own cable access TV show, Cooking Adventures with Mary. Many of Mary’s Italian recipes are from her mother and grandmother and have been family staples for decades. Learn how to cook pork tenderloin with sun dried tomatoes, puttanesca and garlic shrimp sauce, chicken and eggplant and so much more by tuning into Cooking Adventures with Mary on WCCA TV 13 , public access television for Worcester.


WCCA TV is a media sponsor of the WCRN Block Party

WCCA TV is a media sponsor of the WCRN  Block Party on Thursday, June 27, 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. , along Salem Street in Downtown Worcester.  THIS WILL BE FUN !

RAIN DATE: Friday, June 28. ACTIVITIES & EVENTS  include Horse-drawn wagon rides. Stagecoach rides. Face painting. Animal-balloon making. Sailboat demonstrations. Live music.
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