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Comment sets the story straight. Thank you

Here is a recent comment we recieved following the Op Ed piece in the Telegram about WCCA TV 13:

” The vitally important thing about WCCA is that is gives EVERYONE a voice. You can be an up and coming (and perhaps untalented) rapper or musician or an artist looking for a chance to gain awareness of your work – whatever the case, WCCA is OPEN to the public and it is the ONLY local outlet that provides such a place. While the T&G, WOMAG, and Charter 3 are often closed circles – WCCA is truly accessible and that is something much needed especially in this day and age where censorship is on the rise just about everywhere else.

It is evident here in the comments, as well as in general that many folks do not really understand the sources of funding for Public Access as I am always seeing folks make false statements that it is paid for by taxes and such. Perhaps an article or broadcast should explain the truth behind these issues to remove some of the misinformation or ignorant opinions.

There are a LOT of great things in the works at WCCA and it is refreshing to see the T&G finally shedding some light on this. ”

Thank you we at WCCA appreciate your comment.
There are some that do seem confused regarding the sustaining funding that provides for WCCA TV. We have written and broadcast many communications to educate the public about the fact that sustaining, life line funding for TV 13 comes from the Cable Franchise License. NOT THE CITY’s GENERAL FUND or Tax coffers. In many instances, the funding goes directly to the public access center and not City Hall. That may make things less confusing ( and political ). The public is not taxed to fund WCCA’s operational and capital budget. Provisions from the Cable Franchise license are calculated from the cable provider’s gross annual revenues, in exchange of rights of way. WCCA receives a percentage of the amount that the City determines will be allocated to the three PEG channels ( public, educational and government ) of the PEG channels , WCCA serves the general public. PEG allocations do not necessarily impact cable rates and, again, come from the Cable Company. The return of investment in phenomenal. WCCA TV offers a great strategic benefit for all of Worcester.

WCCA presents “To Run or Not To Run”

WCCA presents a Soapbox Special edition. This educational one hour episode is moderated by Mauro  DePasquale with panelists, City Clerk, David Rushford, Educator and Court Administrator, Paul Lacava, and former Mayor of Worcester and host of the WTAG Levy Line, Jordan Levy. Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to run for a local office. On WCCA TV 13 and streaming live on wccatv.com on: Thursday May 5th & 12th at 10pm , Saturday, May 7th and 14th  at 10am , Sunday, May 8th and 15th  at 8:30pm .