About Smart Meters #11

Misinformation and spin are a standard tactic in ‘smart’ meter deployment, as evidenced at the 4/23/2014 Worcester City Council Public Service Committee hearing. Watch National Grid tell ratepayers and Worcester officials - That “It is a pilot and our expectation is that we will continue to move forward under its original design.” (The pilot has extended far beyond its original, approved design.) - Replacing a 55-foot telephone pole in Tatnuck and replacing it with a 5-antenna, 90-foot steel lattice cell-like tower is “heightening it a bit.” - “The pilot is being funded through a DPU order.” (Ratepayers are paying for the pilot and will be on the hook for $7 Billion if deployed state-wide.) - And more (Security, NStar and ‘smart' Meters’)

Posted June 6th 2014 2:14pm.

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