Straight Talk #46

1. The Worcester Public Schools stills has many WPS teachers who are NOT certified to teach. Former Mayor Konnie Lukes planned on getting these folks certified/moved to classes they are certified to teach - or have them fired. Will this happen now, with Mayor O'Brien as head of the Worcester School Committee? 2. The stimulus money and Governor Deval Patrick keep the school budget from running a huge deficit. But we still have one - in the millions of dollars. How can the WPS survive - thrive? 3. The teachers' and police union members are the only municipal employees STILL paying 25% of their health insurance premiums. Everyone else (who works for the city) pays 20%. Discuss. 4. Charter Schools. Can they make a difference? Do we need more? Do the WPS need to do something radical - like another Univeristy Park Campus school? 5. President Obama. How is he doing lately?

Posted February 22nd 2010 9:01am.

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