Perspectives 89 Wachusett Student Activist on Israel-Palestine

As Israeli airstrikes of civilians in Gaza continue unabated, and as state-sanctioned Israeli settler violence surges in the West Bank, the international call for a humanitarian cease-fire grows even as Western leaders and governments express their unconditional support for the state of Israel while equivocating on the human rights of Palestinians. To address this ongoing tragedy that began long before the Hamas attack of October 7th, Asima Silva welcomes back to the program Wachusett Regional High School student and Palestinian-American activist Hind to speak to how these issues are being discussed in school, how propaganda has served to legitimize the Israeli settler-colonial apartheid state while stigmatizing and othering Palestinians that have lived in the land for generations, and how the United States bears responsibility for the increasing dispossession, displacement and indeed genocide of Palestinians by continually arming Israel without regards to international law and universal human rights.

Posted November 6th 2023 11:26pm.

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