Perspectives 94 Abdullah Brown

On this episode of Perspectives, host Asima Silva interviews Dr. Abdullah Brown, an American anesthesiologist and humanitarian volunteer with Rahma Worldwide. They discuss his harrowing February trip to the Israeli-occupied and besieged Gaza Strip, where a concentrated, trapped and desperate civilian population of over 2 million have been subject to indiscriminate aerial bombardment and a brutal ground invasion for the seven months following Hamas' October 7th attack.

Dr. Brown recounts some of the atrocities he witnessed, giving a vital independent perspective on the more than 100,000 Palestinian civilian casualties, the majority whom are women and children. He stresses that these civilians in Gaza have been deliberately deprived of food, water, medical supplies and shelter. Some 80% of the infrastructure in Northern Gaza has been leveled including dozens of hospitals and universities, facilities essential to preventing and minimizing civilian casualties. These targeted attacks on civilian life, and countless others, are repeatedly justified by the IDF with dubious claims of terroristic activity that western governments and media outlets have been eager to accept, legitimize and amplify.

Having seen the horrors taking place in Gaza, and with 30 years experience of volunteer medical relief in active war zones, Dr. Brown believes that Israel's actions before and after October 7th amount to a deliberate genocide and systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

Posted May 6th 2024 9:34pm.

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