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Video Jam Country #167 Scott Shipley

Spend an hour enjoying the latest and greatest in country music with host Tracy Foley Playlist:
*John Tracy - Love True Just For You,
*Nate Currin - Heart on the Run,
*Scott Shipley - Save Me from Me,
*David Petovar - My Kind of Country,
*Jordan Foster - EPK,
*Jordan Foster - Crystal Clear,
*Jenna Raine - A Letter to Me,
*Walker Montgomery- Just Say When,
*Caroline Jones - Chasin' Me,
*CoCo O'Connor - The Devil, a Wounded Man and Me,
*QUEEVA- How Do You Know,
*Erin Enderlin - Tonight I Don't Give a Damn,
*Nick Alligood - Drinking Left to Do,
*Jamie Lee Thurston - The Window,
*Eric Etheridge - If You Met Me First,
*Stephanie Urbina Jones - Jolene,
*AC Thomas - Man of Constant Sorrow

Posted May 22nd 2019 9:23am.

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