Video Jam Country #186 American Blonde

Spend an hour enjoying the latest and greatest in country music with host Tracy Foley. 
*Lakeview, In Case Your Forgot,
*The Springs, Don't Need Fixin',
*Tara Shannon, Freedom,
*Lee Brice, Memory I Don't Mess With,
*Kaitlyn Kohler, Too Many Love Songs,
*Dylan Scott, Nobody,
*Kari Holmes, Deserved to be Loved,
*Ashley Barron , Let Me Go,
*Mercy Me, Say I Won't,
*Jessie Ritter, Home,
*Baylee LIttrell, Boxes-615,
*Matt Koerner, Stayed Alive in '45"Ryan Kinder, Doin' Fine,
*Jordan Foster, Indiana Don't Need You,
*Charley Pride, Standing in My Way,
*Dion Pride, We All Gotta Live Here,
*American Blonde, Somethin' in the Water

Posted January 14th 2021 9:34pm.

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