Video Jam Country #176 Blane Howard

Spend an hour enjoying the latest and greatest in country music with host Tracy Foley. Playlist:
*Dennis J. Leise, Nobody's Coming,
*Rodney Atkins, Thank God for You,
*Juju Rossi, Kissin' Strangers Again,
*Filmore, London,
*Kalsey Kulyk, Damn You Love,
*Stephanie Quayle, Whatcha Drinkin'  ' Bout?,
*Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton , Dive Bar,
*Kurt Stevens, Once in a Blue Moon,
*Blane Howard, Promise to Love Her,
*Blackbird Anthem, 22,
*Lexanna, Parachute,
*Kyle Park, Everyday Kind of Love,
*Blackberry Smoke, One Horse Town, *Stokoff, Embrujo,
*Charles Parker, Love is Us,
*David Griego, 22

Posted January 6th 2020 11:58pm.

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