Video Jam Hour 30: Holiday Special

Video Jam is your source for independent and eclectic music videos. Your host, Tracy Foley, has been presenting mainstream and indie rock for more than 2 decades on WCCA TV. This show's hour long playlist includes holiday music from Eric Clapton, White Christmas and For Love on Christmas Day/ Harper Starling, Snow Cone Christmas/ Will Carter, Santa Went Country / Lucas Hoge, Ho Ho Home for Christmas/ Michael Buble, It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas / Tori Martin , Santa Wrote Me a Letter/ Lockwood Barr, Christmas in Memphis / The Swansons, Christmas Song/ Taylor Swift, Christmas Tree Farm / Dan Tyler, Happy Christmas/ Brooke Graham, Merryachi Christmas/ Laura Bryna, Wishlist/ Frank Myers, If Every Day Could Be Christma/ Amalgaband, Rock n' Roll Xmas/ Gbeke, Afro Bells and Jaret Ray Reddick , Drunk as it Takes.

Posted November 11th 2022 5:31am.

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