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WCCA TV is a public access TV station and community media center in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Our programming is produced by and for the people of Worcester.
WCCA TV now on Channel 194.

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WCCA Classes and Workshops

Note: Some of the following are highly suggested, and may be mandatory for certification, while others may be available as optional self improvement workshops.

WCCA policy requires all Producer Members to be WCCA certified in order to sign out equipment for production use. All classes include an overview of WCCA equipment user policy. Senior Discounts may apply. ALL rates are subject to change with or without notice.

Basic Studio Certification

Learn the “BASICS” needed to navigate and use entry level WCCA TV Studio production tools: Studio Control Room acclamation, intro to the audio mixer (Onyx 24-4), Broadcast pix and New Tek's Video mixers, JVC KY-19 Studio Cameras, Leprecon 624 Lighting controller, Communications systems (Clear-Com, PL Pro MS 232), and various recording devices (Panasonic EA18 and others). Certification requires updated membership, a passing project ( to be cable cast on WCCA ) and to pass a written test. With Basic Membership (non-producer $15) Membership rate $60. Non Members $ 160.00 3-4 week project based experiential learning.

Basic Electronic Field Production Certification

Learn the basics needed to navigate and use entry level WCCA TV Field and portable production tools: Including but not limited to intro to field Cameras Vixia HFS200, JVC 100's, field audio mixer, field microphones, field lighting basics, storyboard and editing preparations, field communications systems, and more. Certification requires updated membership, a passing project (to be cablecast on WCCA) and to pass a written test. 3 week project based experiential learning With Basic Membership (non-producer $15) Membership rate $60. Non Members $ 160.00 3-4 week project based experiential learning.

Basic Adobe Premier Video Editing

Introduction to editing the very basics, From story board to time line, cuts and transitions, to proper file techniques and burning a DVD for Cable cast and or use on YouTube. This course is a 2 hour session plus successful project and written exam required for certification. Additional lesson hours may be available at $90 per hour. WCCA TV active MEMBERS Rate: $90.00 2 hr private lesson ( Free group lessons for Worcester Community News Team Student/Interns (working with Jen for not less than 15 hours volunteer service). Non-member rate is $ 200.00 for the 2 hour class.

Digital Literacy

Learn to navigate the web and interface the power and potential of the internet and social media with your television production or news clip. Learn basic computer skills, and how to down and up load content and then properly format it for specific and customized use. Scholarship applications may apply, membership rate: $60.00 per hour, Non-members $160.00 per hour. Hours may be purchased as needed.


A business development spotlight designed to showcase your business of WCCA's most popular show SOAPBOX with Mauro DePasquale or other authorized WCCA programs for FREE. WCCA can release clips and help you create and edit clips and instruct you on distribution options including your own YouTube Channel or on other social media sites. Edit service Rates start at $300 per hour for supporting members. Non-member rates start at $500 per hour session space may be limited subject to community scholarship support. Proceeds support WCCA Charitable Operations and Community and Youth Programming.

Circle of Friends

A great way to promote you business while you are helping build community through electronic media. For about the price of a cup of coffee per day, your business can be seen daily on WCCA TV.

Youth Digital Media Clubhouse (TV and V-FILM Production Lab) Summer

A perfect activity for aspiring young future TV and film producers. A unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math ) based experiential learning model, provides an opportunity for youth to express themselves and build community through electronic media while learning valuable communication and career skills. Rates subject to Change. Scholarships may be available. Inquire about year round youth media classes and workshops.

Audio Basics

A 3 hour course in using all WCCA microphones effectively. Microphone selection for the right application, mic set up and placement ( wired and wireless ), mixing board (Onyx 24-4) settings. Certification available. Price: TBA Special discounts may apply for Interns and Show producers.

Interview 101

A two hour overview that includes blocking, set considerations, camera angles, lighting techniques, audio considerations and story board basics. Content standards. Certification available. Price: TBA Special discounts may apply for Interns and Show producers.

Lighting Studio and Field

Basic 2 and 3 point lighting techniques; understanding use of light switch board; use of floor lamps, jells,reflectors, and other devices. Certification available for WCCA members. Price: TBA. Special discounts may apply for Interns and Show producers.

Video Story Telling

How to organize a story, script, interview content, story board, news story, using the video image to convey a message. Certification available. Price: TBA. Special discounts may apply for Interns and Show producers.

Community Media Discovery Tours

A suggested prerequisite to all WCCA memberships and educational programming. This includes an intro and overview of WCCA and it's non-profit mission, includes options to promote your business on cable and social media. Also learn about Circle of Friends Membership and other services provided by WCCA. This tour/class is FREE to local businesses. Tours are scheduled by appointment and can accept limited reservations per session.

All checks payable to "WCCA TV." For information on the above, special package rates, or to speak to us about starting your membership at WCCA TV contact station manager Tracy Foley at tracy@wccatv.com.

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