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About Smart Meters

Program against "smart" meters in Worcester due to their adverse, untracked, health effects, invasion of privacy, ecological impacts and more.
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About Smart Meters #73

Posted March 16th 2017 5:51pm
Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Addiction Expert, Discusses Risks to Children from Screen Time and Tech Overuse; 2 physicians discuss EHS, parent testifies about wifi in schools part 2 of 2

About Smart Meters #72

Posted March 16th 2017 5:35pm
Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Addiction Expert, Discusses Risks to Children from Screen Time and Tech Overuse part 1 of 2

About Smart Meters #70

Posted March 16th 2017 4:22pm
Tech overuse vs: Cultivating Children’s Inner Intuition and Imagination with Catherine Shainberg, PhD, Kabbalist and Transpersonal Psychologist

About Smart Meters #71

Posted March 16th 2017 4:11pm
Tech Overuse in Society with Cultural Anthropologist Angeles Arrien, PhD

About Smart Meters #69

Posted March 16th 2017 3:00pm
Michigan residents testify in favor of a smart meter opt out bill re; EHS. fire captain testifies about smart meter fire on his home, privacy, legislator support, electrician discusses smart meter fire risk

About Smart Meters #68

Posted February 1st 2017 3:26pm
About Smart Meters. The Meter Man from Oklahoma interviews a resident whose health has been adversely affected by smart meter installation.

About Smart Meters #67

Posted January 3rd 2017 7:41pm
Canadian EMF activists raise issues about the 5G network and antenna installations, Suzanne Somers speaks against smart meters, Ali McGraw speaks against tower installations, Montgomery activists re: wifi in schools.  

About Smart Meters #66

Posted November 1st 2016 6:43pm
Health Impact Updates from NY, PN, and Australia Smart meter opposition in the US continues to be lead by citizen activists. A NY family discusses health problems, a Penn writer investigates the political agenda, and a woman in Australia shows visible harm due to RF exposures, juxtaposed with industry denial.

About Smart Meters #65

Posted October 24th 2016 5:11pm
Wireless Frequencies from smart meters cause nerve block, Astronomer Carl Sagan speaks about risks in science and technology decision-making, CeCe Doucette of Ashland questions candidates about protecting the public from radiofrequency exposures.

About Smart Meters #64

Posted September 8th 2016 5:31pm
About Smart Meters: Dr. William Rea of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine discusses electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Q and A with Dr. Rea; \Aug 2016: retired mechanical engineer protesting Ducane Light in Penn; Tennessee smart meter opponents; Kansas City Power and Light Aug 2016 smart meter fire. pART 2.
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